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Table Of Contents

Welcome to ForgePress

Joining the Discord Community

Discord is where keep our TOS, Server Rules, etc. We also curate WordPress based news, tips and more.

Click to link below to join the ForgePress Discord Network.

Game Servers

Minecraft Java

To start playing Survival Minecraft with other people from the WordPress community, visit our Minecraft JAVA Server page, grab the host info of the server you would like to play on (currently only offering survival) and add it to your Minecraft client.

Minecraft Bedrock

As our community grows we’ll add support for Minecraft Bedrock server as well. To help us reach this goal, please consider donating or becoming a sponsor (program tba).

Community Roadmap

Keep a look out for the following events on the ForgePress roadmap.

  • Support more game servers
  • Build a community of players and volunteers
  • Develop and schedule community events

For more information about where ForgePress is heading, visit our RoadMap page.

How to Volunteer

Would you like to contribute to the ForgePress community as a volunteer?

Here’s some volunteer roles we are imagining:

  • Graphic Designer (all things graphics)
  • REACT/Frontity Developer (all things this website)
  • Java Developer (we have ideas to create our own Minecraft plugins)
  • Discord moderator (enforce and develop dtos)
  • Game server moderators (enforce and develop gtos)
  • Adventure creators (creative-mode/dungeons/micro-stories)
  • Event managers (dream-up, schedule, and oversee community events)

For now, let’s play it by ear!

Head to our Discord and let us know how you imagine contributing.

About the WordPress Community

Did you knowas of December 2020 there are more sites powered by WordPress than there are any other form of site on the entire web?

WordPress enthusiasts represent one of the largest online communities of site developers in the world.

Pretty amazing, right? Why wouldn’t we have our ownMinecraft Server with all the lore and history that’s to follow it?