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Our Roadmap

Table Of Contents

Minecraft JAVA

Factions + Guilds

There are thousands of companies and outfits here in the WordPress ecosystem that serve special niches. Within time, we’d like outfits and companies to have their own factions. More about this to come.

Creative Showcases

Eventually we’d like to create locational areas where companies can leverage creative mode to showcase builds and advertise their products and services (maybe even offer coupons!)

Mini Games, Dungeons, Microstories

We want our worlds to offer special attractions in the forms of mini-games, secret dungeons with special loot, and narrative driven micro story adventures.

Our creative teams will work too see that the world of ForgePress offers unique avenues for adventure, fun and nostalgia.

Minecraft Bedrock Support

We recognize that there is a whole other world of Minecraft players out there playing the cross-platform version of Minecraft called Minecraft Bedrock.

We’d like ForgePress to also support a realm for these players.

More Game Servers

If we can secure the demand, and the funding, ForgePress will consider offering game servers for the following titles:

  • Hytale
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • More (make recommendations through discord)

Donations + Marketplace

We want to see ForgePress grow into a bustling WordPress community and we want to always be expanding to meet the demand of the group we build here.

We hope to setup a campaign driven donations marketplace that let’s users enjoy in game perks for being a donor as well as allowing donors to funnel which initiatives their contributions go towards.

It will take time to develop all of this, but these are great ideas for the directions we’d like to head.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the services the ForgePress Community already offers.

by _metaworld